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DigSig laws


Being a resident of Utah, I was interested in exactly what Utah's digital
signature law was about. I knew it had to be somewhat level-headed, since
a number of people in little silicon valley must have had their fingers in
it... Unfortunately, IANAL for me is more than just a legal disclaimer.
Anyone know of any of the legal eagle (ie, judge-l, eff, etc) have
analyzed it, or know of any summaries that my search didn't find? (I was
lucky to find this link in the first place...)

Here is the utah law:


(I had to manually gopher it, it's under search bills, it's SB0082)

Or perhaps any of you IANAL types would care to try reading it...it sounded
like the key had to be escrowed with a legally recognized agent.

PS: my compliments to Damien. Oh, I mean, the SSL crack looked nice
leading the SF Chronicle's Business headline, but I'm especially thrilled
the way the Signal/Noise ratio suddenly improved overnight. It will make
reading what happened during my vacation much more interesting from that
point on... And for those of you who think that PROMIS is squarely
on-topic, <PLONK!>. When I can get grep routing results to /dev/null for
"whitewater", etc, I'll be sure to share.. 


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