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Re: A 12 Crime w/in & Crime w/out--Ehlers Remark From Carl Ellison


> Re: A 12 Crime w/in & Crime w/out--Ehlers Remark
> Carl Ellison ([email protected])
> Fri Aug 25 17:35:42 1995 (GMT)
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> As I believe Congressman Ehlers pointed out, there is crime in cyberspace and
> it is likely to remain a threat forever.
> I refer here to incidents like the Russian hacker's theft of $400,000.
> I do not refer to the use of cyberspace to violate some local ordinance in the
> physical world (the prosecution of the California AA BBS based on the local
> standards in some Eastern state (Tenn?)).
> My company is in the business of protecting people from attacks within
> cyberspace and I believe, personally, that as long as cryptographic policy is
> made rational, we citizens and businesses can mount an effective defense
> against these threats. This is not an issue of using deadly force in defense.
> Because we don't threaten the attacker in return, there is no need for a
> specially empowered force (a police force) controlled by an elected government
> to achieve this protection. This is an issue of building good walls and doors
> -- a strictly defensive action which is appropriate for individuals and
> companies to do without government involvement.
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