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Re: Cypherpunk Brute Squad [Re: SSL Challenge: Server problems]

>> PLEASE ensure that you are using a brclient of at least 0.14
>> ("grep comment.inffo brclient" to discover what you are using)
>> You can updare brclient while brloop is running.
>> Some people are still running old versions, and this is hammering the 
>> It also helps to run at least brloop 0.05 ("grep BRLOOPCOMMENT brloop").
> Unfortunately the web page under "Socket based key doler" points 
> at brclient 0.13 and brloop 0.04.  Could you fix this please:)

I had a similar report before, and it turned out to be an over zealous WWW 
"cache" :-((

HOWEVER: there is now a new brclient 0.17 which should go faster that pre 0.16 
over "slow" links, but shoudl also work over "fast" links (which 0.16 
sometimes did not).  SO: all 0.16 users should upgrade, just in case the link 
goes fast!