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Re: Cypherpunk Brute Squad [Re: SSL Challenge: Server problems]

I've had a power down and had to shutdown most machines. On coming back
decided to update the versions of brloop and brclient...

Now I'm trying to run on AXP/OSF/1 and MIPS/Ultrix machines the latest
versions and don't seem to be able to get a damn piece of keyspace...

Besides many timeouts I also get

Server timing problem: Goodbye unknown -- you have been timed out

which I assume is a message from the server telling me it's too loaded,

No input when expecting an ACK line

which sound even worst... I've been having trouble getting keys all the
afternoon now, what a pity.

BTW, the versions I'm running now are brloop 0.05 and brclient 0.16 and
since I'm in Cambridgeshire-UK too, with a 2Mbps link, I doubt that the
timeout is due to congestion on the net.

Any suggestions? Or is it only the overload in the server that's giving
me nightmares?