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Re: Florida Drivers Permits

At 13:10 8/25/95, Jim Ray wrote:
>I saw the same story. The name, address, age, & height mentioned
>are already obvious on licenses, but this may preclude incorrect data entry
>by FL cops, and counterfeiting (a problem here for *years*). I saw nothing
>on the digitized photo, but we could be looking at different stories.
>Phase-in in July, '96. The story I saw suggests that other data, such as
>tickets, criminal violations (presumably convictions) and "other
>biographical information" [welfare, credit info] could eventually be
>included, depending on FL's state budgetary considerations. No author,
>just "Associated Press," listed on the story, and the card uses a magnetic
>strip "like those on credit cards" rather than a chip, which may be a
>mistake [considering the renewal period & my experience with bank-cards].
>Story doesn't say it, but it sounds like FL *may* be the first state to do
>this. Are any other states doing this already?

NY has Photo Drivers Permits with Mag Strips on the back and Computer
Generated Pictures (I've even seen them being created when I was on an
assignment at the DMV office in Albany that creates them).