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proliferation of voicesystems

  It's really great that there are all these voice transmission/encryption
programs out there, the problem is, none of them will talk to each other.
If I have a unix box, I have to use product X, if I have a PC, product Y,
and a Mac, product Z, and X,Y, and Z all speak different protocols. The
issue is more frustrating with web clients. I like to use Netscape, but
if I want to view RealAudio, I have to switch to Windows, etc. Rather 
than have one "successful" product set a defacto standard and lock the 
rest of the market into one algorithm, cypherpunks who are working on
voice products should collaborate to product an open standard, which
specifies base level functionality, and drop in algorithm improvements.
Perhaps even video should be considered as that too will eventually be
a reality. Sooner or later, there must be a shakeout and a 
"standard" (defacto) will emerge. The question is, do you want this to be
an extensible open standard that can cope with changing hardware and
network capability, or do you want, say, InternetPhone, to win
and set the standard by shear market share like Netscape is doing 
now and like Microsoft has been doing?

Just something to consider.