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Re: SSL trouble

>>   Please don't do anything like this.  This will prevent
>> people like me who prefer the "random" method from
>> participating.

> You can't use the random method if the CRACK is using a
> sequential search. It just doesn't fit!

  Hehe...  I've always been a bit of a misfit.

> You can't ACK something which has not been allocated to you.

  But I could announce it on the list.

> However, if a CRACK were to be using random, the above would
> be useful as a "progress report" as the rate of reports
> indicates how well the search is going.

  I don't want to make progress reports.

> It would also allow more equal sharing out of the prize money,
> as on average 2**15 "possible" keys would be found, and the
> first finder of each would receive a fraction of the prize.

  Well, if someone starts talking real money, I might change my

Will French  <[email protected]>