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this is getting silly (was Re: C2.ORG REMAILER)


In article <[email protected]>,
Jukka Santala <[email protected]> wrote:
>In scroll <[email protected]>, Nobody wrote:
>> [email protected] (Sameer Parekh) wrote:
>>> Community COnneXion will not reveal the identity of non-anonymous
>>> account holders without a court order or explicit permission from
>>> the account holder.
>> Sameer - You caved WAAAY too easily - I will suggest that we ban ALL
>> inclusion of your reamiler in any chain, due to the fact tha your
>> c2.org CAN NOT be trusted to resist pressure.  See ya on the c-punks
>> area.

this is bogus.  i'll explain why.

>Now, Nobody, that is chickenshit if anything, and I "suggest" you
>know it.  The actions taken by Community ConneXion in no way prove
>that it would be any less trustable in this matter than any other
>remailer in the world.  In fact, certain coolheadedness to all
>parties present is, in my opinion, one of the main requirements of
>respectable remailer.  In fact, had c2.org been pinned down for the
>copyright infrigment with no ability to point the real infriger, CoS
>could well have stood a change to get hold of any possible remailer

i seriously doubt that sameer keeps logs, as i believe he runs
a cypherpunks remailer.  furthermore, regardless of how anyone
feels about the state of sameer's courage, attacking his integrity
is utterly ridiculous.  he hasn't given out anyone's userid, 
nobody's anonymity has been compromised, and to suggest that
because you don't like his decision in this matter that he's
going to go around coughing up userids and personal identities
is completely ridiculous.  ridiculous beyond belief.

i agree with jukka.  sameer's given us no reason not to trust
him, even if he's given us a bit of attitude.  i'd probably
have responded in about the same way if i were suddenly dragged
into what you have to admit is an extremely convoluted and 
bizarre netwar with an alarming tendency to get people's 
computers confiscated and homes attacked.

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