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Re: Florida Drivers Permits and a Hello

At 3:55 PM 8/28/95, Mark wrote:
>>>Better would be to figure out the encoding scheme and post it here.
>>I like this, myself.  It'd be nice to be able to have the picture of my
>>choosing instead of a digitized thumbprint...
>I think the officer arresting you would frown if your license dumped a nudie
>picture of Cindy Crawford instead of your identification details.
>Sounds like a great way to smuggle nuclear secrets out of a country tho :)

What is the capacity of the mag strips. Do they carry much more than some
ID code for computer reference? It seems unlikely that there is enough
for a thumbprint. Some vitals perhaps, but again it would most likely simply
be a speedier way of referencing the card holder's supposed True Name. (After
all they'd have to be checking driving record information as well.) Still
decrypting the cards would be amusing, just to aggravate those who become to
used to the convienience. 'Oh.. sorry Governor Wilson... my but you look
different up close'.

Being in California, I've avoided getting a Cali license due in large part
to the use of thumbprints. Perhaps I'm being silly, but I find it difficult
to give up such vitals. Its the sheeplike way the majority of the
population happily gives up its remnants and shreds of privacy which makes
this such an
important area.

As for the Hello mentioned in the subject line... A few of you may know me
already. I work for Consensus Development. We're going to be able to
license out RSARef commercial use quite soon. Some of the people I've
talked to have asked me to jump on Cypherpunks, so I've been going over the
archives on the Cypherpunk list, and while rather large, I'm quite pleased
to see the high content/noise ratio here. Anyway, my task is to get in gear
as the Knowledge Officer for RSARef, and I am currently putting together
the new RSARef discussion lists. Since I don't have the constitution (or
obligation) to be
a salesperson I'll leave the RSARef stuff at that. If you do have questions,
or want to be put on the RSARef announcement list, drop me an email.

Jonathan Zamick
(Off to play with PGPFone.... how happy am I? :)

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