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Re: Florida Drivers Permits and a Hello

>What is the capacity of the mag strips. Do they carry much more than some
>ID code for computer reference? It seems unlikely that there is enough
>for a thumbprint. Some vitals perhaps, but again it would most likely simply
>be a speedier way of referencing the card holder's supposed True Name. (After
>all they'd have to be checking driving record information as well.) Still
>decrypting the cards would be amusing, just to aggravate those who become to
>used to the convienience. 'Oh.. sorry Governor Wilson... my but you look
>different up close'.

They would not have to include an entire thumbprint.  The actual code used
to verify fingerprints is not very large.  All that would be needed is
enough information to ID into the "official" records and enough checksum
type information to prevent alteration/counterfitting.  Using magnetic media
for this is a bit foolish as it can be changed/destroyed with the stroke of
a magnet.  I will not say by what means I would think should suit as a
better encoding scheme because: 1) They are not using it and 2) I do not
want to give them any ideas.

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