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Re: SSL trouble

Scott Brickner writes:
> Then what do you care about the group's procedures?  It
> doesn't "prevent you from participating" --- you *aren't*
> participating. You're attempting to solve the problem on your
> own.

  This distinction is valid in the current series of academic
exercises.  However, if we were actually trying to break
something important, anything that might accelerate the crack
would be a form of participation.  And as Nathan Loofbourrow has
pointed out, the random method is much more secure against
real-world retaliation.  It's also the only method that will
work for me; I use a shell account, and I never know in advance
when I will get time on the computers at work (which aren't on
the net at all).

  I _don't_ care about the procedures, as long as I can get the
information I need to go my own way.

Will French  <[email protected]>