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Re: SSL trouble

Incoming from Daniel R. Oelke:
[presumably piete brooks?]:
> > >PS3: I'd like to get the raw date in brloop (a sh script). In perl I'd just
> > >     use "time", and I can't see a way to get "date +" to yield the raw time.
> > >     I could use "date=`perl -e 'print time'`" but that seems OTT, and perl
> > >     may not be on teh users PATH. Any suggestions ?
> >
> > "date '+%s'" does it under BSDI, but I'm not sure how portable it is.
> This is what I got from SunOS 4.1.x
>         $ date +%s
>         date: bad format character - s

	On Ultrix, I get:

$_ date '+%s'

and on OSF/1:

$_ date '+%s'

	XMan (OSF/1) says:

		"To display the date and time in a specified format, enter:

		date +"%r %d %h %y (%a)"	[note the `+' outside the ""]

which gives me:

		08:58:39 AM 29 Aug 95 (Tue)

FWIW ...


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