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Re: Florida Drivers Permits and a Hello

At 4:15 PM 8/29/95, Mark wrote:
>>What possible value could the LEAs get by having your thumbprint digitally
>>encoded on your driver's license?  It's not like the average cop-on-the-beat
>>is qualified to lift a fingerprint and compare it.  Even if he was, how
>>does it benefit that the fingerprint is on the license?
>Here it is possible to walk into a suitably equipped police station, put your
>fingertips on a sensor pad and a few seconds, if records exist, have the appear
>on the computer screen. Extrapolating this it isnt a big step for a patrol
>car, already equipped with a packet radio link to HQ and a data terminal,
>scan in your fingerprint and check it. If the system was offline they could
>easily take your rpint and compare it to that on your license. It's just a
>little more proof that the license is linked to you.

My only question though is why help them create more records about the
average citizen?


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