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O.J. ObCrypto: Fuhrman's Folly Fans Fakery Fears...

  Regardless of whether Ito allows the tapes into evidence, the public
has heard a LEO matter-of-factly discussing the fabrication of evidence
against US citizens. We should take advantage of this, by connecting the
Fuhrman/Good Ole Boys from BFART bit, and GACK.

  If my private key must be escrowed with Lawn Forcement Agencies, the
very real possibility exists of a Fuhrman using it to forge evidence
against me. In =any= Key Escrow arrangement (including the non-
government variety preferred by 4 out of 5 Cypherpunks in a recent
survey) there must be a division between encryption keys and signature

  I recommend that anyone who will be using escrowed keys generate two
pairs: First, the signature key, including in the userid some kind of
[sig use] identifier (we should settle on a standard abbreviation for
this) follower by the encryption key. This way, when a person gets your
pubkeys, they get the encryption key =last=, which gets it searched
first whenever they PGP -e... something.

  Whatever arrangements are made for escrowing my encryption key,
=nobody= gets my signature key. If I am fired, quit, become brain
damaged or dead, my key can never be used by anyone to implicate me in
any criminal activity.

  Please don't mention to anyone the fact that my signature key can be
used to send me something that even the escrow agents can't read....

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