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Re: Mixmaster Security Issues

Lance Cottrell writes:

>Because of the message size limitations there are some advantages to
>sending the mixmaster chain through some type 1 remailers first, rather
>than sending a type 1 message in a Mixmaster packet.

Are there any gateways that will take a (pgp-encrypted) type 1 message,
with presumably some kind of headers giving onward routing information and
put it into the type 2 network?

Should there be such a service? I think this was discussed earlier, but
Lance's statement above seems to reopen the discussion.

>It is very difficult to know what fraction of the traffic I see is cover. I
>generate some cover traffic my self, and I know some others do as well.
>Right now a reordering pool of 5 messages results in a latency of about 30
>min. Mixmaster is no longer a small fraction of the remailer market. A
>majority of all public remailers support Mixmaster.

What is the total daily volume of mixmaster traffic for all the advertised
mixmasters? Has anyone measure this statistic?

Richard Hodges