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Web of Trust


I am current sorting through the PGP keyserver keyfile to extract a
limited web of trust. I believe that current servers would be best to
limit their keys in a similar fashon. Since we can't all have what we want
without coding it ourselves, I'm doing the next best crappy imitation.
Anyways, I am trying to find keys that are actually relevant and
inter-connected with signatures. Naturally, it won't be anywhere near
complete or extensive, and will be a dog to update, but 5 meg keyfiles
take a long time to search... 

I am requesting that all "active" cypherpunks/cyphergroupies please send me
their key number, IF it's already on the keyservers. If it's recently put
there, be sure to tell me or I will be annoyed. If it's not there at all,
I'll be annoyed. Personally annoyed, not I-ran-some-scriptfile annoyed. If
you searched any of the RC4 or SSL keyspace, for example, I'm interested.
If you post messages occasionally, [conspiracypunks need not apply] I'm
interested. If you generated a key because your neighbor taught you how,
don't bother. 

If anyone wants the keynumbers/script/entirekeyfile I could put it on
ftp or something. Naturally, I'll be forwarding all results to the NSA 
quantum crack-o-matic. Have a nice day. :)


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