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Re: Phil Zimmermann/Amnesty International?

>    I was wondering if the Zimmermann case would be a proper concern of
> Amnesty International. Phil is obviously a political dissident. His
> persecution is obviously political. If Phil got support from Amnesty
> Int'l, then his persecution could be a big embarrassment to the Federal
> gov't. He has a lot of supporters and taking up his cause could be a
> big promotional for Amnesty International. The Feds might feel forced
> to drop the matter early. Any ideas?
I've heard that A.I. does not discuss political persecution as much in
the countries that are doing it, since they do not want to offend the
powers-that-be in that country, though they will note a case in another
country.  (In other words, if A.I. did note the PRZ case they'd only
discuss it outside the United States.)

This is just speculation though...