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Re: SSL search attack

>>>> I see nothing wrong with the concept of being allocated an initial chunk
>>>> and having the scan software attempt to ACK it when 50% of it has been
>>>> searched. A successful ACK would allow the releasing of a new chunk (in
>> You NEVER claim to have searched space until you have actually done so. 
> That is exactly what I was arguing against - but the first sentance of what
> I quoted was saying was ok.

No -- If you ask for 2 segments, then when you are 50% done, it is OK to ACK 
the *FIRST* segment.

>> Assuming that you are multi-threaded--- Simply run two "workers" on the
>> same machine. If there are delays in getting keys assigned, the two will
>> soon get out of phase and keep the cpu busy.
> I kind of like that idea...

I thought of that, but:
1) for the same server load, it doubles the number of unACKed segments
2) if process A is lagging process B, then when process B finishes and is idle
   waiting for the server, process A will run faster and thus reduce the lag.
   This will make the processes drift into phase.
   I'm not convinced one way or the other.