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Fuhrman needed a digital pseudonym!

>From: [email protected] (Timothy C. May)
>Subject: Fuhrman needed a digital pseudonym!

>Before you folks jump on the "racist" Mark Fuhrman, think about the
>"surveillance state" issues. While it was not any government organization
>that taped Fuhrman's comments, there are some real issues involved in how
>deeply and how far back we want to "mine" comments made by people. Some
>real issues of privacy.
>The Mark Fuhrmans of the future may be interested in using technologies to
>protect their privacy, to give them "plausible deniability" should their
>recorded words come back to haunt them.
>* And the issue of "mining" of ancient records, especially as technology
>makes the recording of sounds, the taping of sights, and the archiving of
>electronic messages so much easier.
>What really bothers me, as it relates to the pro-privacy themes of this
>list, is the reaching back many years to comments made by a witness--Mark
>Fuhrman--to a screenplay writer. Because she kept audiotapes, going back 10
>years, these comments may likely strongly influence the verdict in this
>"trial of the century."
>Anyone in favor of heading off the "surveillance society" should be alarmed
>at this development. As tape recorders and video cameras proliferate,
>comments may be compiled, taken out of context, and used as evidence.
>--Tim May
If you've ever watched Not_at_all_Funny Home Videos or any of the
American Urinal school of tabloid television, you soon start feeling
that the real threat to privacy is not the guvmint, but all of
the yoyos with their little cam corders running around pointing them
at people.

Security cameras in ATMS and at airline ticket counters do more
to threaten you privacy than do FIBBIE wiretaps, and PGP won't
protect you from them. (and usually neither will the courts).

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