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Re: SSL search attack

At 12:15 9/1/95, Lou Poppler wrote:
>The ACK process and the allocation process are separate, and should
>remain so.  They run on different servers, and they run as separate
>processes in the unix version of brloop.  A little tweaking of brloop
>could allow pre-fetching of the next segment to search, without any
>effect on the ACK process.  I dislike the idea of a client sending an ACK
>before it has searched the entire segment.

I was not suggesting that. I was just suggesting that the initial request
be for twice the amount of segments as you want to process during your
reporting interval and that except when you are getting ready to shut down,
you have one allocation ready as a spare in case you can't immediately be
given another allocation when you ACK one.

Example: I will be running for 8 Hours and I will report back every 30
minutes. I get an Hours worth of segments (Chunk 1 +2) when I first
connect. After 30 Minutes, I'm done with half of them. I then ACK that half
(Chunk1) and request another 30 minutes worth of segments (for scanning at
1H-1.5H). If I do not get it, I'm still working on the 2nd Chunk. At 1H, I
ACK Chunk2 and ask for Chunk4 (also I ACK Chunk 1 and/or request Chunk 3 if
either failed the first time at .5H). This continues until 7.5 when I ACK
and do not request a Chunk 17 (since I already have or I am requesting
Chunk 16 for the 7.5H-8H period).