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No Subject

Timothy May wrote concerning Cyphernomicon,
>You list a Web site in your sig, so presumably you have the right tools to
>browse the Web. And I listed two Web sites that have the Cyphernomicon.
>What am I missing?

Thanks for the advice.  Here are the two missing pieces.

The first is financial, but might be really psychological.  I buy PPP
service locally and it is hard for me to casually browse with the meter
runing in the corner of the screen even at less than a penny a minute.
(And any document that mentions David Friedman probably needs study and
that takes more time.)

The second is that even at the wee hours of the morning I kept getting
refusals from www.oberlin.edu and I couldn't get past the table of
contents.  I had hoped to collect these as I browse 'em to avoid delays
(14.4), hicups and online time in later reading.  (I didn't even try the
large html--I suspect my browsers will gag on it.)

The third of the two reasons is some vague notion of taking it to lunch or
of anotating the file or the hard copy.

In case it wasn't clear--I couldn't get a peep out of netcom.

My plan is to try oberlin again and if that bogs down, try getting the copy
at the location mentioned by Lou Poppler--or any other location mentioned
this weekend.  Or respond to advice on the best times to try netcom.

I appologize for the implicit assumption in my question about alternate
sites that people had your permission to copy the file to their ftp sites
and am pleased that you explicitly gave that blessing in your recent mail.

(list newbie)

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