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Re: Cyphernomicon, and a section on Escrow and Reputations

On 2 Sep 1995, Dar Scott wrote:

> >I finished my first release, a megabyte-sized file done in MORE, a powerful
> >outline processor (which enabled me to maintain notes, make
> >cross-references, and generally manage such a huge writing project). I
> >released it last year, and put it in my anonymous ftp account at
> >ftp.netcom.com, in the directory /pub/tc/tcmay, as the file CP-FAQ. Netcom
> >is often very crowded, though.
> After several tries I was not able to get this.  Has anyone made it
> available in an alternate location?

Tim mentioned that we're planning on spiffing up the cypherpunks web
site (including using a real web server) and the cyphernomicon is an
obvious candidate for inclusion - depending on how many people help out,
the new site (a quasi-mirror at first, till we get sameer/et al's
go-ahead) should be live within a couple weeks.

If you're interested in gathering documents, hacking HTML, or anything
else involved in creating/maintaining a web hierarchy, drop me a line.
The space/delivery of the documents we're providing for free, but I
don't have a budget to hire a staff to do things the "right way" (my way :)
for this project.

   Jay Campbell - Regional Operations Manager
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