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Thanks to all who helped me get my hands on Cyphernomicon.

I now can breeze through the html site at www.oberlin.edu.  I guess at 2am
it didn't work because either I or oberlin were too sleepy.  I still cannot
open an FTP port at netcom.

I got a copy on my Mac by giving a lot of memory to Netscape and getting it
from www.swiss.ai.mit.edu.  I also got a copy from Jeff's zipped copy at
ftp.goblin.punk.net, but my unzipping utility hacked out a few lines.

Here is a summary of what I learned:

  File Size:  1,287,731 (single character newlines)

  FTP sites:

     The original.  "crowded"  (I couldn't open an FTP port.)

     28.8 bps modem, newline=CR, but .zip will change to newline=CRLF
     About 432Kbytes.
     (On [email protected] it took me 6+ minutes to get it.)
     "until someone posts it on a site with higher bandwidth"

     [the upcoming new/changed/mirrored Cypherpunk site]

  HTML site:


  Other http: sites:

     text.  very responsive and fast (6 minutes for my 14.4 connection).


     About 432Kbytes.  Need g[un]zip utility.

Clearly missing are credits and contact info.

I probably won't get to the FAQ much this weekend (wife & kids expect me to
do my share and bring home the bacon), but maybe in a week or two.  Do I
have to read the sci.crypt FAQ, too, to earn my FAQ badge?

(list newbie)

Dar Scott               Home phone: +1 505 299 9497

Dar Scott Consulting         Voice: +1 505 299 5790  <---
8637 Horacio Place NE        Email: [email protected]
Albuquerque, NM  87111              [email protected]
                               Fax: +1 505 898 6525
My preference for attached files are in this order:
AOL, Mime, Binhex4, PGP, UUencode