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Re: Wearing RSA shirt to school

I wrote:
> With respect to possession within the U.S., there aren't any
> laws stopping you from waving strong cryptography around wherever you like
> (at least, not yet).

...and in private email, Jim Ray pointed out that showing the shirt to a
foreign national might technically violate ITAR...

Yeah, I suppose I overstated it a bit. It appears that if the ITAR do cover
the shirt (unclear at present, AFAIK -- any news on the CJR, Raph ?), then 
flashing it at a furriner could constitute a violation. Thanks for the 

The gist of my previous message remains: No local or state authority in the
U.S. (of which I'm aware) classifies strong cryptography as a munition, 
weapon, etc. I haven't heard of any restrictions on transporting crypto 
across state lines, either. Unless the Feds start cracking down on high 
schools, or the Perl-RSA shirt somehow violates some school dress code, (gang
colors ? ;)  the original questioner need not fret about his son wearing the
shirt to school. 

-Futplex, just another slimy tentacle of the List Maintainer