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Re: NSA says Joe Sixpack won't buy crypto

I'm not sure I see the words "cryptography" or any related to them
here. It might be an interesting topic, but it probably isn't
cypherpunks material.


Alan Horowitz writes:
> "Just cough up the peace dividend".
> There is no ppeace dividend. There is a massive eco-spill of government 
> debt;  quite possibly larger than the GNP capacity of the American 
> economy to repay anytime in the next century.
> The debt will be bankrupted, in some stealthy manner, hidden by masses of 
> smoke and mirrors. Nothing new here - it's  about the only thing that 
> works. For the mosrt recent examples, read up on FDR's confiscation of 
> gold in (?) 1933.  Or read the detrails of the currency changeover 
> effected by the occupation authorities in Germany (1947 or 1948).
> Alan Horowitz
> [email protected]