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Re: SSL search attacks


Hello [email protected]
  and Scott Brickner <[email protected]>

Scott Brickner <[email protected]> writes:
> Jiri Baum writes
> >Each client could pick a segment at random, check it and then broadcast
> >a NAK. Other clients would then know that the segment in question has
> This only reduces the cost if everyone is playing fair.  In practice,

No worse than fake NAKs to the central server (viz comment below).

> >One advantage is that it is not necessary to have a central infinitely
> >trusted server. (Nothing personal, but bogus server is an attack.)
> An attack on what?  The overall model here is that someone presents

An attack on the attempt. If the key owner also volunteers a server,
then half the CPU cycles will report to that server (and be given
useless chunks of keyspace) thus halving the CPU power available to
the usual server ("half" in an infinitely naive world, of course).

The approach I suggested basically corresponds to everyone maintaining
hir own server; servers that trust each other will coordinate.
An attacker can of course NAK the key segment, but only those that trust
the attacker will take any notice.

> My point is that the "random" efforts are no different than everyone
> working on the problem independently, each picking a random place to
> start and going sequentially from there.

The difference is that in this scheme everyone does coordinate, only
it's peer-peer rather than client-server.

> >NAKs and IGRABs would be weighted by the trust accorded to the entity
> >that originated them.
> This is similar to what I outlined yesterday afternoon.  Let unsolicited

I think that's where it came from. I really should provide citations,
shouldn't I...

> Invalid unsolicited NAKs
> don't destroy the current search, they only slow it down slightly ---
> but less than a fully random effort.

Similarly in the peer-peer approach, the effort is coordinated but
untrusted NAKs slow it down only slightly. The only "solicited" NAKs
will be your own.

Hope that makes sense...

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