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Re: Forgery, bills, and the Four Horsemen (Articles and Comment)

>   Black Unicorn posted a very interesting info summary on the
>   subject of foreign state US$$ forgery.
>This is a story I heard, long ago, from a Brit, Mr Waterlow,
>about something that happened to his grandfather, chairman
>of the Waterlow bank:
>Early in this century Portugal didn't print it's own money but
>contracted this job to the Waterlow Bank in England. Some
>skilled conmen succeeded in making the bank beleive they were
>representatives of the Portugeese National Bank. Then they
>ordered a huge amount of new bills and got away (at least
>for some time) with it.

Tis all in a book: "The Man Who Stole Portugal". I picked it up for about
$2 in a bookstore a few months ago. Very much worth a read. An incredibly
audacious escapade.

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