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ANNOUNCE: September 1995 SF Bay Area physical meeting


What: September 1995 SF Bay Area physical meeting
When: Saturday, 9 September 1995
      12:00 noon - 6:00 p.m.
Where: that hard-to-find loft space at 2nd & Brannan
       where we had July's meeting

This month's meeting is the "Even More Catastrophically Overnamed
Fourth Annual Cypherpunks Conclave, Congress, Schmooze-Fest, Meeting,
and Feast".

It's been three years since the first meeting at my house at the time
in Oakland.  If you only come to one meeting a year, come to this one.
It's canonical.

The agenda for this meeting is completely empty.  I've been out of
town for all but a total of about three weeks since the last meeting
two months ago (and I'm gone the rest of this week and flying in
Saturday morning).  So where in the past we've had something
approaching a schedule, this time I've not made even a pretense at
scheduling.  So just show up -- we always find something good to talk

And besides, if you don't show up, you can't here about my unexpected
genetic discovery!

Directions follow.  See you there.



Exact Location:  340 Bryant St., 4th floor (top level); SF.

1) From the East Bay--Cross the Bay Bridge and take the LEFT
exit for Main St./Embarcadero.  You will be making a series
of LEFT turns as follows :

LEFT on Harrison
LEFT on 2nd
LEFT on Bryant. PARK!  There is parking around the back of
the building, and also across the street.

2) From the Peninsula--101 North, take the 4th Street exit. 
(The last SF Exit before the Bay Bridge.  GET OFF HERE!) 
Follow to the RIGHT onto Bryant.
Once you've crossed Second St., PARK!

3) If you get LOST: Call 415/284-0252.