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Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

[email protected] writes:
     [ snip ]
 >     Police and members of Scientology church enter offices of XS4ALL
 >     ================================================================
 > Amsterdam - thuesday september 5, 1995.
 > Today at about 14:00, XS4ALL was visited by Mr. S. Braan,
 > bailiff. He was acting on behalf of the Religious
 > Technology Centre, better known as the Scientology Church, or
 > Scientology for short. He was assisted by a local police officer and Mr.
 > Hermans from the 'Nauta-Dutilh' legal firm that represents Scientology
 > in The Netherlands. Also present were two computer experts (Mr. Ootjes
 > and Mr. Van Suchtelen) a locksmith (to enter had we not been present) and
 > two American employees of Scientology, Mr. Weightman and Ms. Jenssen.
     [ snip ]

     This is the second or third time I've seen descriptions of such
     raids where cult (no, I'm not trying to be diplomatic)
     representatives were present and participating.  Is this legal in
     Amsterdam?  How about in the U.S.?  Britain?

     If a police officer has a warrant then I really don't have much
     choice about letting him in.  Am I also under an obligation to
     allow the people who filed for the warrant into my home or


     Mole Rat
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