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Re: Flame: Re: Collection of personal info

> Some close friends of mine have been raped, and I get the overwhelming
> impression from them that rape has about as much in common with the sale of
> financial databases as it does with Rice-a-Roni. Find a better analogy, or
> you'll sound about as credible as those who insist the Internet teems with
> pedophilic bombers who push dope outside preschools.

Sorry if my choice of words offended you.. the intent was to express the 
feeling of being violated without consent. Perhaps I should have used the 
term violated or some other less violent term.

The point being, I did not give permission for my records to be 
distributed, nor did I see a disclaimer on my credit cards that states 
that the transactions I make will be sold off to mailing houses in order 
to target me for additional sales.