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Re: Collection of personal info

Tim and I have corresponded about this previously,
and again he neglects the distinction between 
collection and storage, on the one hand, and 
retrival and dissemination, on the other.  If you
do the latter, your content better be accurate.

That's the difference in Tim and TRW.  So far.:)


On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Rob Lowry wrote:

> > Rob, I have entered this posting of yours into the "BlackNet Dossier
> > Service" I operate.
> At least you notified me.. :) Something the TRW crew or others like them 
> do not do.
> > If someone doesn't want their postings going into my 220 megabyte file of
> > postings, they shouldn't send them to me. Or they should adopt a digital
> > pseudonym, unlinkable to their True Name or any other nyms they may have.
> This is true.. I could adopt a nym, such as I use on my BBS, or when I am 
> doing other stuff on the net.. but it is difficult at best to get a new 
> set of credit cards, ID and so on with a new name/alias and still 
> maintain your own name. If it were possible to have an alias in real 
> life, as easy as it is to get one on the 'net that is, then I would most 
> certainly do so..
> 'Frothmonger' <g>