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Re: Collection of personal info

> Nor was I suggesting a legal solution (I know your comment
> was triggered by Rob's request for legal recourse) but instead
> suggesting that things are farther along than some people realize.

Nor do I support additional rules/laws or regulations.. but if there are 
existing ones to screw with, use 'em..
Recently I had a bill turned over to collections from, of all places, the 
daycare we used to take our kids too.. we owe them about $1300 in their 
estimation. The reason we have not paid is due to 11 days of lost work 
due to head lice that they provided to my kids, plus they stopped serving 
breakfast which was in the contract we signed when enrolling the kids there..
I was notified by the collection co. about this submittal (now $1500 for 
some reason..) and by law, I can dispute this in writing, thus slowing 
the wheels of the collection monster horribly. I did so.. and for the 
last 4 months, they have been trying to prove I owe money.. I was asking 
if such a system exist for the release of your credit info.. and it 
appears that there is no safety mechanism in that monster.  Rather than 
cry out for more laws to be twisted against us later, I agree that 
letting it happen, and using cash instead of credit, is the smart answer 

Someone care to point me at e-cash info? sounds interesting.. remember, 
I am new to the crypto scene and still think PGP is neato ;)