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not a flame please read and think about this

why is it that half the
people who post here work for the government or big companies that are doing
governments bidding (rand.org (which is part of the the nsa!) att.com (makers of the clipper chip)
mit (which onwns rsa)
netscape etc etc)

what makes me wonder isnt so much that theyre here but that they post socalled
reasonable stuff that supports the  the government line.
like when these people report on
what the nsa guy says at the crypto convention as if were supposed to take it
seriously and these people who say clipper is good enough no back doors.
and then everyone takes this crap seriously.

obviously the government thinks there are some things we shouldnt think
about ourselves. and then someone comes along and says theyve thought about
it already and we should just go mind our own biz. arent we supposed to be
cypherPUNKS? than why do we need these people to think for us?

honest replies only please. i dont mean to flame but this really bothers me. we should maybe think about a closed list.

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