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Re: Growth of actions definded as crime. Which math formula?

At 12:29 PM 9/6/95 -0700, Timothy C. May wrote:
> I've seen figures on the "linear feet" of regulations, and how they are
> growing exponentially, but I don't recall the numbers. Something like the
> total number of laws doubling every 10 years or so, but don't quote me on
> this one.

In addition one should also consider that most of these new crimes
are deliberately written to be sweeping and vague so that they can
be enforced in a selective and capricious manner:  For example
wetlands are deliberately defined in a way to give them considerable
elbow room, indeed so much elbow room that much of death valley
technically qualifies as wetlands.  The wetlands law was written 
to make it easy for bureaucrats to win lawsuits, not to reflect 
common sense or basic sanity.
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