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Re: W3 Self-Regulation?

DDT writes:
# [Where's Tipper when you need her? Answer:]

Simon writes:
> Hey! Lay off the divine Ms. G!

Urgh. If I believed in a Hell, I'd expect the Parents Music Resource Center
to have its HQ there.

> There's actually a big difference between labelling and censorship, 

Agreed, to the extent that providers are not required to label their
products/services. But to my mind, the PICS software crosses the line between
labelling and censorship. In particular, it is a tool with which parents will
censor what their children encounter. 

Before Nathan Zook levels me, (hi :) let me elaborate. Such censorship seems
to be inevitable/necessary given the relationship between parents and their
children in our society. Parents are largely held liable for their
childrens' actions, while children generally are not responsible for their 
own actions. I believe this arrangement is unfair, but until/unless it
changes, parents must be given certain powers over those for whose actions 
they may be held liable.

We've hashed over this stuff several times before, so I'm not sure how much
sense it makes to reiterate it.

-Futplex <[email protected]>