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Re: "Dr." Fred

> The most charitable explanation for "Dr." Fred is that
> he's degenerated into the professional equivalent of
> those pathetic aging former chess masters who try to
> eek out a subsistence living by charging five bucks a
> game. People often play with them out of sympathy, or
> for the novelty of having lost to a past great. It's
> part of the chess culture, and it's basically harmless
> and sort of quaint.

Most of then could still beat your chess game.

> The difference, of course, is that its almost impossible
> to have sympathy for Dr. Fred. His hustle is for a hell
> of a lot more than subsistence. He was also never actually
> a master of his field, a fact that becomes increasingly
> obvious as our exposure to him goes on. Now he's reduced
> himself to trying to collect someone else's winnings.

Sour grapes, and from an anonymous poster too.  Oooo - I'm insulted.

I have been thinking about the issues of anonymity for some time, and I
have been convinced for some time that you can't have both integrity and
anonymity.  I thought there might be ways to accomplish this, but the
cypherpunks have convinced me it isn't true.  Show some integrity and
tell us who you are.

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