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   11-1-95. NYPaper, Page One lead:

   "C.I.A. Tells Panel It Failed To Sift Spy Data.
   Disinformation May Have Led to Spending for Illusionary

      The C.I.A. admitted today that it knowingly gave the
      White House and the Pentagon inside information on the
      Soviet Union without warning that it came from foreign
      agents it knew or strongly suspected were controlled by
      Moscow. The information may have affected decisions to
      spend billions of dollars on military hardware. Even
      when the agency knew or suspected that its sources were
      double agents it never warned that its inside
      information was tainted. The agency thought it more
      important to protect its suspect Soviet sources than to
      tell the nation's leaders the truth. That disclosure
      threatens the C.I.A.'s foundation; its central mission
      is to speak the truth to those in power. "Something has
      gone terribly wrong," Senator Bob Kerrey said.

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