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Re: IBM's Microkernal

Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Perry E. Metzger") on 
Wed, 01 Nov 11:51 AM

>Why is this being sent to cypherpunks? Its totally 

It's related to IBM's work on machine/code interface security, 
encryption and authentication capabilities. Cryptographers may 
want to examine how these work in Microkernal. If IBM will 
allow access to the features.

And it's related to parallel alarms sounded on cypherpunks 
about the impossibility of any durable security which does not 
anticipate ever-changing attacks devised by authors of 
competing products and services.

Finally, not your hat size, to be sure, it's related to the 
vanity of computer security consultants who dismiss unknown 
competition at the peril of their credibility.

"The free market is a terror for tortured souls." Anonymous.