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Re: Keyed-MD5, and HTTP-NG

On 11/1/95 10:20 AM, [email protected] worte:

> There were two names on the MD5 document -- mine and Bill
> Simpson's. Bill didn't tell me that he was called (I suspect he 
> would have), and I wasn't called, either. We were the only two 
> editors of that portion of the specification.

This appears to have been a problem from both ends. A number of
people arround here only heard about the IPsec work when it had
reached the final call phase.

There also seems to be a move towards looking at the question of
how protocol and cryptography interacts as a field in it own right.

I think this highlights one of the problems with the IETF we need a 
much broader infrastructure for understanding what progress other 
groups have made. The time when we can expect to do everything through 
email alone is past. I wish I could persuade more people in the IETF
that the Web infrastructure could provide a valuable assistance
as a collaboration tool for their needs. Unfortunately the approach seems
to be that because there are is a person living at the end of a 2400
baud modem in vermont who cannot configure his PPP we should all continue
in the stone age. 

We could improve readability of RFCs through using HTML and reduce
the flamage on mailing lists through collaboration tools like the
open meeting. But we don't because it hasn't been done that way in the

I would like to see a collaboration system where I can present an expert
with the context of a proposal very rapidly without expecting them to
read the archives of an entire mailing list.