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Re: Win95 password caching

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[email protected] (Scott McCormack) wrote:

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> Jim Carlson ([email protected]) wrote:
> : Does anyone know how to stop Win95 from caching the windows password?
> : We are thinking of using Win95 as the client for a student lab and 
> : need to find a way to stop it from caching passwords.  As it is, when
> : you log into a machine for the first time it creates a .pwl file in 
> : your windows directory for each person who logs into windows.  This 
> : is not acceptible for a lab situation.
> :
> : I can turn this off in WfWG by placing the line "passwordcachine=no" 
> : in the system.ini under [NETWORK], but this does not work in Win95.
> :
> : I am running MS networking in Win95, so when you first log into, 
> : windows it asks you to log into the MS Network.  It then comes up with 
> : a second box asking you to enter your Win95 password.  You can enter 
> : a blank password (""), but it still creates a .pwl file and places a
> : line in win.ini.
> Change the password for the login (or when you first login) to a blank 
> line (ie don't enter a password) and you'll never see that login prompt 
> again. :)

This was not the question. He wants to prevent local Windows passwords
from being created for network-only users. This is a serious security
issue, because if a user enters her real network password for the Windows
password, and someone else later picks up the .PWL files, which are not
encrypted in a particularly secure way, then someone can get unauthorized
access to the network as the previous user(s).

We believe we have found answers in the Registry and in POLEDIT. We've
also turned up another related security bug. When it's confirmed, we'll
post. In the mean time, you can read the last couple messages archived at

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