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Re: censored? corrected [Steve Pizzo cited in The Spotlight]

> 	Is it?  This is the _one_ thing in the article (is that term
> giving it too much legitimacy?) that I whought was barely true.  Whoever
> controls the root level DNS servers effectively controls the Internet.
> I postulated a couple of months ago about how the US Govt might attempt
> to censor the rest of the world: "Remove lurid.porno.site.other-country
> from your DNS system within 72 hours or we will remove references to
> your DNS servers from the root level servers.".  (I also speculated that
> if the US Govt tried doing this, that an 'underground' DNS system would
> form almost immediately.)

	The US govt. doesn't run the root nameservers, nor are all the
root nameservers within US jurisdiction.

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