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   11-2-95. W$Japer:

   "Happy, Healthy and Odd: Nonconformists Live Longer."

      For modern-day eccentrics, computer hackers
      qualified, as did academics, scientists, rock stars and
      artists. Traits: nonconforming; creative; strongly
      motivated by curiosity; idealistic (wanting to make the
      world a better place and the people in it happier);
      cheerfully obsessed with one or more hobbyhorses; aware
      from early childhood of being different; intelligent,
      opinionated, outspoken; convinced of being right and
      that the rest of the world is out of step;
      noncompetitive (not in need of reassurance from the rest
      of society); unusual in eating habits and living
      arrangements; not particularly interested in the
      opinions or the company of other people, except to
      persuade them to his point of view; possessed of a
      mischievous sense of humor; single; usually the eldest
      or an only child; a bad speller.

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