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   11-2-95. W$Japer:

   "Chemical and Biological Warfare Unmasked."

      For the first time in more than 25 years, the U.S. may
      be waking up to the seriousness of CBW. This high-level
      awakening is long overdue and reflected in a sudden
      increase in CBW sensor development research and counter-
      proliferation programs. Still, these steps blithely
      disregards 25 years of revolutionary advances in the
      biological and chemical sciences and the potential
      products of the Russian program. There is no allowance
      for "nonmilitary" CBW applications. Yet the most
      troublesome developments in the Russian CBW program are
      agents designed for covert use against diplomats,
      politicians and business executives. Also absent is
      serious attention to terrorist motivations and options.

   CBW_boo  (9 kb)