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Cypherpunk recruiting opportunity


Considering the amount of "preaching to the choir" that goes on here I 
thought that the following news item might supply a more suitable outlet 
for some of the more evangelical-minded Cypherpunks.  After all, it is 
perfectly clear that the science of cryptography exemplifies some of the 
more exciting applications of otherwise-dry mathematics, and there is 
always a need for "voices of reason" in the councils of those who would 
make the 'Net safe for children.


Tech Help for Schools

While high-tech education visionaries are issuing apocalyptic warnings 
about the fate of the alledgedly backward US school system, a privately 
sponsored group has launched a Peace Corps-style initiative to ease 
schools into the 21st century.

The Massachusetts-based Tech Corps, which recruits volunteers to help 
schools harness computers and telecommunications technology, announced 
last month that it is going national.  The corps, whose chief sponsor is 
the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, will hold a 
conference in Washington DC on 30 October where people can learn how to 
start state chapters.  Founded by Gary J. Beach, chief executive officer 
of Computerworld Inc., the corps last year recruited 300 volunteers 
theough the magazine Computerworld who have been working in 12 school 
districts throughout Masachusetts.

Karen Smith, Tech Corps' national director, says the response to the call 
for volunteers from people in industry, government agencies, and private 
consulting firms, has been "incredible."  They help school districts in 
any way they are asked - such as by installing wiring, training teachers, 
persuading local industry to donate hardware, and helping schools 
construct World Wide Web homepages.

Interested parties can reach Tech Corp' own web page at:


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