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Re: FBI Wants to Wiretap One of Every 100 Phones in Urban Areas


On Fri, 3 Nov 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> Thanks for this item!  Two little excerpts jump out at me.

Gee, I hope they didn't spook you too badly when they jumped out at you 
like that. I can tell you're a little jumpy.

> > Last year, federal and state courts authorized 1,154 wiretaps, of which
> > 48 percent
> [snip]
> > "People are starting to say that seems awfully high," Dempsey said, noting 
> > that
> > the overall level of such surveillance activity is now a total of 20,000 
> > to 25,000
> > intercepts nationwide over an entire year.
> So what is it?  1,154 wiretaps?  Or 20,000?

Easy: both. 1,154 wiretaps, and 20K to 25K intercepts, which includes both 
wiretaps and other interceptions, i.e., recording which phone numbers you 
call but not actually listening to the conversations.

Get out of Dodge.

> FBI Director Louis Freeh testified under oath to 1,157.  The FBI was asked
> for the data to support those numbers.  The FBI refused to release them 
> until the year 2002.
> The FBI is being sued under FOIA to support Freeh's sworn testimony.  (Of
> course, he used different numbers at different times....)

By whom is the FBI being sued? What is the case number? Who are the 
lawyers? What are their Bar numbers? How many times have they been 
disciplined for bringing frivolous suits?

> One last thing.
> What's so special about the year 2002?  

Obviously, it is two elections from now, when the UN will invade the US 
to impose the rule of the Anti-Christ.

Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that.

- -rich

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