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Re: ecash remailer

[email protected] writes:

 > >So, refuse to buy their money.
 > >Demand open systems.
 > One problem a number of people have reported in DigiCash is disappearing 
 > money. Several people have reported that if a transfer is misconfigured
 > the cash can flow out of the wallet, be rejected at the other end and
 > disappear from the system - i.e. misprinted names on cheques mean lost cash!
No. please get first hand facts. I have 'laundered' more than e$
18000, by small amounts of a couple of e$, and *no* bucks were lost(1). I
do have to manually cancel some and to refund ppl from time to time,
and i must admit I'm a bit behind my mail answering about that... but
the money is *not* lost [for everybody]
 > This is bad and they report that Digicash did not respond to their
 > complaints.

They prolly addresses the complaints to the wrong ppl, money does not
disapear as long as you keep the log files to be able to "cancel"
'lost' ebucks

There are/were a couple of small problems with the ecash software, but
no money is lost, as long as you have a consistent file system
[and I think they are working on an "auto recovery/auto cancel"

note that there are some problems, initially the proposed shop
software sucked for instance... and writing a better one was a key to
get the system better, maybe it is a bit too early for real bank
also... I think some bugs are still hanging around... but the idea is
great ! [i just wish to have sources/protocol fully disclosed before I
put real money in it...]

ps : I have no interest in digicash whatsoever except being partipant
to the trial and having a small shop {and thus having an fairly large
account ;-)  I wish they give prices to 'good' shops ;-0)}

note1: at least I think no bucks were lost... not a high percentage at
least,... I did had some troubles with the first software version and
managed to *almost* lost stuff, my mismanipulation... but hey... if
your wallet has an hole, of if you throw away your money, you won't
whine to the ATM, would you ?

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