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[political NON-noise] Re: Crypto & Taxes

At 1:03 AM 11/4/95, [email protected] wrote:

>Not that I want to get into a big political discussion, but David Friedman
>has a nice, calm and rational book called The Machinery of Freedom, 2nd ed,
>which argues anarchism/libertarianism from an economist'spoint of view.
>The argument is not cased in terms of ethics and morals but rather
>economic efficiency and utility. Slim, easy to read and cheap. He also
>has a good sense of humor. Unfortunately the book is currently on back order.
>I'm holding on to my library copy until they ship one to me.

David Friedman is now teaching law at Santa Clara University, over in
Silicon Valley. We've been in contact, and expect to meet for dinner
sometime soon. (He attended a special Cypherpunks meeting a few years ago.)

>You can butt heads with him and Tim on the cyberia list (I don't remember
>the address but they have it at news://nntp.hks.net )

Ah, but the Cyberia list is a _law_ list, and political discussion is

>I gather from the cyphernomicon that someone recently converted him to

His "Machinery of Freedom" and many other articles clearly establishes him
as a leader in this area. He didn't previously know a lot about strong
crypto, but now he sees that this makes many of the abstract ideas of
"Machinery" near at hand.

Vernor Vinge believes the same thing.

--Tim May

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