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Re: Telephone switch capacity -Reply

>>> John D. Ervin <[email protected]> 11/03/95 05:32pm
>You would be suprised as to how much is being tapped
>You need to do a little more research before spouting off..

>>If the FBI wishes to set up a system that is capable
>>of monitoring 1% of the total number of lines, that equates
>>to a ability to tap 5%, not 1% of all calls in progress. 

	I am very confused.  I was not 'spouting off' in any
sense of the word.  Your comment refers to my apparent
lack of knowledge of the widespread practice of
wiretapping.  A practice, at least according to the sworn
testimony of agents of the FBI, is not very widespread at all.
	That is, however, beside the point.  I was making a
very truthful comment about the engineered capacity of the
telephone network in the U.S.  I made no comment
whatsoever about the current ability or desire of the FBI to
tap into individuals telephone conversations.

								-=- Noah