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Crypto++ 1.1

I am still talking to RSADSI's lawyers, but it's taking a lot longer 
than I expected.  So in the mean time I've decided to rerelease the 
Crypto++ library with RC4, RC5, RSA removed, and some calls to RSAREF 
disabled.  RSADSI said it will not object to this rerelease.  Version 1.1 
also has some minor bug fixes.  You can find it at
where ????? is in ftp://ftp.csn.net/mpj/README
For the next version I hope to work out a deal with RSADSI to put 
some of those files back in.  I'm also planning to add SAFER and 
perhaps some elliptic curve stuff.  Other suggestions 
are welcome.
I encourage people to use this library in commercial as well as 
shareware/freeware products.  You don't have to pay me a cent, but 
don't forget about the patents.
Wei Dai
P.S. Does anyone know if elliptic curve key agreement protocols are