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Re: using pgp to make an otp

| i may have posted this at some time in the past, as i have asked it
| elsewhere and gotten different responses. i'm interested in that the
| folx here think about it though, so here it is...

I think you should read Marcus Ranum's OTP faq, on www.iwi.com:/pubs/

| i want a source of data for use as a otp. i don't want to have to
| hook up any external devices to my pc to do it. (although some of the
| methods mentioned in the past few days are quite interesting.)

Can't be done.  If you use a cipher to generate the pad, you have less
than full, honest to nature entropy, and you might as well use PGP.
Badly generated, or reused OTPs are very poor ciphers.

| i'd like to know if there was a reason not to use the output of pgp
| to do it. i've been playing with the following method. i take a file


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